Ready, set, launch a brand new intranet!

ReadyNET helps you and your organization to get started. It offers the possibility to start with a structured and predefined intranet, based on best practices.

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Discover a READY built intranet!

Ready, set, launch a brand new intranet!

ReadyNET can be deployed in a couple of hours. It is built using the best practices and knowledge we've gathered during the many years of experience in creating portals for customers.

ReadyNET combines a user-friendly interface with clear business processes and tools.

Predefined intranet

We point you in the right direction. Users can start immediately working together on a brand new intranet, anywhere, on any device

Built on Office 365 & SharePoint

ReadyNet is made using Microsoft technology and perfectly integrates into your Office 365 subscription. However, it is also compatible with on premise SharePoint setups.

No limits

Although it's predefined, there are no boundaries on customizations afterwards.

Secured workplace

Protect your company against external threats and leaks with Office 365 built-in privacy and compliance tools

Clear business processes & tools

Everything you dreamed of ready to be deployed

News & Events

Department sites


Who is who

Urgent messages

Quick links

Document management

Incident management

Contract management

Advanced search

Integrated Apps

Security Management (Read more...)

Frequently Asked Questions

Internal Shop

And many more to come...

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